Art Therapy

small hand painting

Lead by licensed therapist, art therapy involves the use of art media and the creative process and can be beneficial in addressing the following:

– exploring feelings and emotional conflicts
– fostering self-awareness
– managing behavior and addictions
– developing social skills
– reducing anxiety and overcoming trauma
– increasing self esteem

What kind of art do people make in therapy?

Depending on what is appropriate for you and your treatment, collage materials, drawing, found objects and / or painting may be used.

But I’m not good at art. Can I still benefit from art therapy?

Yes! No former art experience is necessary to participate in art therapy. Making art in therapy is focused on the process of art making rather than making a piece of art that “looks good”.

Is art therapy just for kids?

Art therapy is a great modality to help children who may not be able to express themselves verbally at their developmental level. However, art therapy is not just for kids and has been proven to be helpful to adults as well. Sometimes words are not enough to speak to our experiences and art therapy can help adults come to realizations that they may not have otherwise come to, and it can also help your therapist better understand where you are coming from.

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